"I Want To Visit Legoland Before I Die," Terminally Ill Johor Boy’s Final Wish Comes True After His Heartbreaking Story Went Viral



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"I Want To Visit Legoland Before I Die," Terminally Ill Johor Boy’s Final Wish Comes True After His Heartbreaking Story Went Viral

By Ayunie

A nine-year-old Mohd Adam Amsyar, from Kampung Parit Haji Ahmad, Johor suffers from a rare congenital heart defect—in which the mitral valve of the heart does not develop correctly— or Mitral Valve Atresia, which causes him to be in the state of constant and extreme fatigue. 


According to his father, Abd Rahman Ahmad, 47, his son's illness, was only detected when he was seven years old. Experts have told Amsyar's father that he might not be able to live long. One of the doctors said he is among the three people currently diagnosed with the disease in the entire country, making his case a very rare one. 


The single father had to quit his job as a lorry driver as his son's illness requires him to be by his side at all times. Due to financial restrain from not having a job, he'd often take odd jobs just to afford medicines for his son. 


"Adam often suffers from shortness of breath and sometimes his body would turn blue, which worries me so much. I have to always be by his side so that I can send him for treatment if ever needed. I am also worried about leaving Adam with his sister, Irin Nadia, 11, because they are both still so young," he said.


"I told my father I wanted to go to Legoland in Johor Bahru before I die, and he has promised to work harder to find money to take me," Adam said.  "But if I can't go to Legoland, it's okay too, because being around my father is enough for me." 

As soon as Adam's story was posted by Berita Harian, a representative from Legoland Malaysia themselves has contacted them to enquire about Adam's family details, as they are planning to fulfill Adam's wish of visiting the entertainment park. 


"Legoland Malaysia is very moved by Mohd Adam's story and wants to fulfill his dream. We are processing some further details including standard operating procedures (SOP) due to Mohd Adam's condition. Insya-Allah, we will fulfill Mohd Adam's dream in the near future," they said. 

We wish only the best for Adam and his family. 

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