Watch Your Back In This Eerie New Trailer for ‘The Watcher’



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Watch Your Back In This Eerie New Trailer for ‘The Watcher’

By storyteller24

ICYMI: Netflix Confirms 'The Watcher' Season 2 & We've Got The Details!

A sprawling suburban home, an inviting new neighborhood and an anonymous letter threatening to spy on you indefinitely. What could go wrong? 

In a new trailer for The Watcher, the Brannock family excitedly move into their dream home in a seemingly quiet, safe, Stepfordlike suburban neighborhood. But thats not quite the case here: They begin to receive ominous letters from a person calling themself "the Watcher," who claims to be keeping a close eye on both the house and it's new inhabitants. Set to a haunting rendition of Olivia Newton-Johns Hopelessly Devoted to You, sinister secrets from the neighbourhood quickly come spilling out, and the Brannocks are constantly looking over their shoulders (often with bats in hand) waiting for the Watcher to strike.

I will never stop watching, he says.

Led by Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale, the series includes a majorly stacked cast. (We're talking Mia Farrow, Noma Dumezweni, Joe Mantello, Richard Kind, Terry Kinney, Margo Martindale and Jennifer Coolidge, to name just a few.) The Watcher is also based on a true, as-yet-unsolved case about the real-life family who moved into 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jersey, and began receiving threatening letters from a stalker. 

Is it a prank? Is it a disgruntled new neighbor? With threats like "If you care about that family, you're going to get out of that house" and "It might not frighten you yet, but it will," you'll probably agree with Coolidge's realtor character when she says to "sell sell sell."

Stay tuned as The Watcher premieres Oct. 13 on Netflix and in the meantime, watch your back, too. 

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