So the Queen Has Passed. Now, What? Here's What You Need To Know About The Monarchy's Next Moves:



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So the Queen Has Passed. Now, What? Here's What You Need To Know About The Monarchy's Next Moves:

By Ayunie

So, the London Bridge has fallen. 

With the Queen's death, ends her 70-year long monarch. Once the Royal Family released an official statement of her passing, the world waits anxiously for the next royal transit. Now, what happens next?  

Operation London Bridge In Immediate Motion

What's that, you ask? To put it simply, the very moment the Queen was appointed monarch, a painstakingly organised and coordinated process has immediately been put into place, which the palace, the government, the news media, the local authorities, and the queen herself had long prepared. It now instantly goes into motion with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.  

What does this mean?

It means a couple of things:

-- Her heir, Prince Charles III will automatically be pointed King. "God Save the King" will once more be the national anthem.

-- The nation has now entered a formal time of mourning that will last until the queen's funeral, which is anticipated to take place 10 days after her passing. It will count as a public holiday. 

-- The funeral of Britain's longest-reigning monarch will once again command media interest after the coronation of the new king.

The Queen's Funeral:

A royal's funeral will, no doubt, hold more calculated procedures than that of a commoner. Queen Elizabeth's will be no different. This is what will happen:  

-- The remains of Queen Elizabeth II will be prepared to lie in state, which refers to being displayed for public observation so that mourners and others may pay their respects.

-- The coffin lies on an elevated platform in the center of the Hall during the period of lying-in-state.

-- Units from the Sovereign's Bodyguard, Foot Guards, or Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment are stationed at each corner of the platform round-the-clock to provide security.

There will be a 10-day period of national mourning following the Queen's passing and a 10-day funeral ceremony. In Windsor, the Queen will thereafter be buried.

What else will take place?

-- There will be an immediate printing of new currency.

-- The funeral's day closure of the London Stock Exchange will likely cause an economic impact.

-- Most media stations will cease their programming in respect of the Queen's funeral.

--  In the UK and abroad, the Union Jack flag-- but NOT the Royal Standard-- will be flown at half-staff until after the funeral.

-- In accordance with the government's discretion, a statutory holiday will be observed in the UK, and it may also be observed in other Commonwealth nations.  

Whether you're a supporter of the British monarchy or not, many are anxiously anticipating all the shifts that may take place now that its sovereign has bethronned a new face. 

What's a fun fact about the late Queen do you remember the most? Do share with us!

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