How Do You Know If Someone Is Gaslighting You? Here Are 5 Comparisons



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How Do You Know If Someone Is Gaslighting You? Here Are 5 Comparisons

By ellephant

Sometimes, we get too caught up in relationships or friendships, we forget to reassess if the people we'd go the distance for, actually respect what we share, or just us as individuals. 

So many gaslight left and right, we become unable to differentiate the green flags from the red.  

Here are 5 gaslighting phrases which should be forgone and 5 respectful phrases which should be used. 

Check them out. 

Phrase 1

Gaslighting: You're overreacting

Respectful: I understand how this is something which bothers you  

Phrase 2

Gaslighting: I'm sorry you feel that way

Respectful: I'm sorry I made you feel that way

Phrase 3

Gaslighting: That is not what happened

Respectful: That is not how I saw it to be  

Phrase 4

Gaslighting: Can't you take a joke?

Respectful: I actually meant it as a joke, I didn't mean to offend you

Phrase 5

Gaslighting: I guess I'm just a bad person

Respectful: What I did was wrong, and I'm sorry  

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