24-Year-Old Woman Goes Blind On Her Right Eye After Excessively Scrolling Through Her Phone In Bed



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24-Year-Old Woman Goes Blind On Her Right Eye After Excessively Scrolling Through Her Phone In Bed

By Ayunie

A cautionary tale has emerged as a 24-year-old woman, known by the pseudonym "Xiao Shen," experienced a significant loss of vision in her right eye due to her habit of using her mobile phone while lying on her right side for extended periods in bed. 

Xiao Shen, who already had highly myopic eyesight with 600 degrees in her right eye and 300 degrees in her left, exacerbated her condition by persisting in her smartphone usage habit. Despite her deteriorating eyesight, she continued to use her mobile phone and read books in the same posture.

The unfortunate consequence of this behavior became evident on August 23rd, when Xiao Shen was shocked to discover that she had lost all vision in her right eye after a day of work. Although her sight returned the following day, the scare prompted her to seek immediate medical attention.

Upon consulting a doctor, she received a diagnosis of lesions on the fundus the interior surface of her eyes. These lesions exhibited a distinctive leopard-spot pattern, with the ones in her right eye being particularly severe.

Source: Weibo

The condition Xiao Shen experienced is known for its rarity and complexity. Described as round lesions with peripheral dark spots, the pattern resembles the markings of a leopard's spots. Such lesions are not common, especially under normal circumstances.

Source: Weibo

Experts emphasize that this condition is challenging to treat, offering limited success with both medical interventions and surgical procedures. Xiao Shen's case highlights the serious consequences that can arise from seemingly harmless habits, particularly when it comes to screen usage.

The doctor who attended to her explained that her routine of using her mobile phone in the dark while lying on her side significantly contributed to her worsening eyesight. Acknowledging the severity of her situation, Xiao Shen began incorporating healthcare products into her routine, such as lutein an antioxidant for eyesight protection and fish oil, with the aim of improving her condition.

Furthermore, Xiao Shen has taken proactive measures to monitor her eyesight's progression. She plans to undergo eye exams every six months to track any changes in her vision. The attending doctor highlighted that such a condition typically develops in patients with myopia exceeding 1,000 degrees, and in severe cases, it can even lead to blindness.

Source: NetEase News

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