"This Is Bullshit!!" Passenger Upset As AirAsia Reschedules Flight 5 Days Later



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"This Is Bullshit!!" Passenger Upset As AirAsia Reschedules Flight 5 Days Later

By JustineG

AirAsia has once again drawn criticism for its reputation of frequently rescheduling and cancelling flights, and this recent incident is no exception. 

A few days ago, a netizen shared their friend's ordeal on social media, recounting how AirAsia rescheduled a flight due to operational reasons, pushing it back by five days. The frustrated passenger expressed their anger, stating, "This is bullshit, AirAsia can do anything they want!"


According to the post, the friend had initially booked a round trip from KL to Nanning, China, scheduled to depart on December 7th and return on December 12th, with all expenses for the trip already paid. 

However, the airline informed the passenger about the flight cancellation and provided a new departure date, which was the initial return flight date of December 12th. 


The netizen questioned the logic behind this decision, emphasizing the inconvenience caused, and remarked, "Where is the logic? This act is crazy. If you give up, you can't get back the money you've paid."

The netizen further highlighted the passengers' inability to change the dates, expressing frustration. Many others sympathized with the situation, sharing similar experiences with AirAsia. 

If faced with a similar situation, what would you have done?

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