4 Tips From Blackpink’s Jennie On How To Maintain A Slim Body



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4 Tips From Blackpink’s Jennie On How To Maintain A Slim Body

By Jada

Lately, Jennie (Blackpink) cooperated with fashion brand Heron Preston to advertise for the limited Calvin Klein underwear series. Her recent advertising photos perfectly show her charming sexy beauty. 

Jennie has maintained a weight of 45 kilograms and her perfect figure made her the "world's sexiest actress" voted by the US media. How does Jennie keep her weight at 45 kilograms? Let's check it out now.

1. Consume Chicken Feet Soup

As a South Korean girl group member, Jennie pays special attention to weight management and health. Jennie once mentioned that she will avoid spicy and salty foods to prevent oedema/ swelling. 

Besides, the order of eating is also important. You must first eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and then eat fish and beef. This would help you to get enough fibre and protein as well as to promote the body's metabolism. 

Moreover, Jennie once said that she usually grabs chicken feet collagen soup because chicken feet are rich in collagen and low in calories. Aside from collagen, you also need to have the right amount of Vitamin C to allow your body to absorb protein easily.

2. Dancing + Yoga + Pilates

Jennie has regarded sports as one of the ways to relieve pressure. In addition to practising dance for 3-4 hours a day, she would do aerial yoga and pilates. These exercises help her to relax tight muscles and sculpt the right posture. You could find pictures of Jenniedoing exercise on her own Instagram. 

3. Only Eat Sweet Food At Noon

Jennie is very strict on diet management and she tries to control her desire for sweet food by eating sweet food at noon only. 

This is because our digestion system functions the best at noon. 

In addition, Jennie also drinks lactic acid drinks to promote gastrointestinal motility and detoxification. 

4. Drink Plenty Of Water

In addition to drinking a glass of detox juice every week, Jennie once shared that she never forgets to drink water every day. Regular drinking habits and adequate hydration help metabolism. Hence, drinking water is very important for people who want to lose or control weight!

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