Avoidable Death? Flood In Selangor Claimed Its 11th Victim, More Than 32K Currently Displaced In Shelters



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Avoidable Death? Flood In Selangor Claimed Its 11th Victim, More Than 32K Currently Displaced In Shelters

By Ayunie

Yet another lifeless body was found during a search and rescue operation for flood victims in Taman Sri Muda, last night. 


Source: Info Semasa Official 

The body, whose identity has yet to be identified, was taken aboard a Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) boat at about 11.45 PM before being taken out in a Royal Malaysia Police truck. This  brings the total number of victims in Taman Sri Muda to eight, and 11 overall for Selangor. However, the actual number of casualties has yet to be confirmed. 


Meanwhile, more than 32,000 displaced victims of the massive flood are currently placed in about 162 temporary relief shelters all over Selangor.


Other than that, a few other districts in Pahang and Negeri Sembilan are also affected by the flood, with the total number of victims has reportedly surpassed that of Selangor. 

So far, we've only witnessed tireless volunteers, independent organizations, and efforts from the public themselves working tirelessly to provide aid and assistance to the flood victims. These are the group of people worthy of all praises and appreciation— let us not forget. 

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