Three New 'Premium Islands' To Open In Malacca | Glamping Time!



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Three New 'Premium Islands' To Open In Malacca | Glamping Time!

By m7py

Melaka is set to open 3 islands for tourism in 2022! Yes, that means more gorgeous spots for your glamping trips.

Say hello to Pulau Nangka, Pulau Dodol, and Pulau Undan! According to sources, these beauties will be on par with other notable island destinations in Malaysia.

You can bet there will be rich, diverse marine life, perfect for scuba-diving and snorkelling.

And, here's more good news! Melaka has many more unexplored islands to be developed into promising tourism destinations.

So, make sure to plan your vacation to these breath-taking marine parks some time this year! 

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