You Can Now Travel Luxuriously With KTMB's Fancy Cabins And Try Out The New Train Routes To Bangkok & Hat Yai!



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You Can Now Travel Luxuriously With KTMB's Fancy Cabins And Try Out The New Train Routes To Bangkok & Hat Yai!

By JustineG

The Malayan Railway Corporation (KTMB) has recently launched a new chartered train carriage service, allowing businesses and the public to charter train compartments for travel to various destinations. This service offers a unique and exciting way to explore southern and northern Malaysia, as well as destinations like Bangkok and Hat Yai in Thailand.

What makes this service even more special is that passengers can also organize and enjoy various activities during their train ride, making it a truly "different" travel experience.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke highlighted that both companies and individuals have the opportunity to charter these train carriages. The service covers routes from Padang Besar in Perlis to Johor Bahru, and even up to the north of Kelantan Road on the east coast. The exact route can be discussed and arranged with the railway company's management staff.

Those who would like to plan corporate events or team-building activities, while individuals can celebrate weddings, honeymoons, company outings, family vacations, and even birthday parties can do so on board. The train carriages offer luxurious single rooms with toilets, double rooms, and restaurants, providing both comfort and elegance. Additionally, there are karaoke entertainment services available for passengers' enjoyment.

In terms of pricing, Anthony Loke mentioned that the cost of the service depends on the number of passengers and the desired amenities. However, the rental fees are said to be very affordable.

Anthony Loke also mentioned the launch of an additional ETS service between KL Sentral Station and Padang Besar from May 26 to June 5, with nearly 2,000 tickets already sold. When questioned about recent complaints regarding expensive train tickets, Anthony Loke responded by stating that the current train fares are popular and affordable for the public.

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