WATCH: M'sians Spotted Queuing Up For 12 Hours At Viral Kunafa Stall In Kelantan



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WATCH: M'sians Spotted Queuing Up For 12 Hours At Viral Kunafa Stall In Kelantan

By JustineG

It has become a common trend for many people to eagerly try out viral or trending food items. In fact, fans of viral food are often willing to go to great lengths, including waiting in long queues, just to get a taste of it. 

Behind this unique culinary offering, the response from the people of Kelantan towards Kunafa Aiwaah has been extraordinary and beyond expectations. Surprisingly, it is reported that some individuals were willing to start queuing as early as midnight just to be among the first customers when the stall opened in the morning.

In a video shared by Matpih Official, a woman mentioned that she began queuing at 7:30 in the morning and was still in line approaching 4:40 in the afternoon.  She waited with great enthusiasm to get her hands on Kunafa Aiwahhh. 

What's even more surprising is that the long queues on the first day of sales led to chaos, as some visitors failed to obtain their orders after waiting for hours, mainly because the stall had reached its closing time.

It's understood that one of the reasons for this incident was resellers placing bulk orders, causing those in the queue to wait even longer. In response, the stall, which has become a hotspot for the public due to the viral Kunafa sales, has limited each visitor to only purchase 2 sets today.

Meanwhile, the sheer determination of the locals, willing to queue for over 12 hours, has astonished many observers.

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