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Racial Differentiation In Malaysia? | YDPA Concerned About National Stability

By joeeeenggg

YDP Agong Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah mentioned that he is concerned about the existing issue of racial differentiation in Malaysia. He expressed that if this issue worsened, it might endanger national stability, as reported in Sin Chew Daily.

"I see the problem of racial differentiation that still exists and I am worried. I believe that any provocative behavior, understanding, and values ​​that violate normality, customs, and laws must be stopped before it proliferates and becomes a threat to national stability," he said.


He emphasized in his speech in The Dewan Rakyat that, as stated by the Constitution of Malaysia, Islam will continue to be the official religion of the country.

However, he will ensure that the rights of believers of all religions in the country are defended so that they can all believe in their religions freely and peacefully.

News and photo source: Sin Chew Daily

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