Manage Your Finances Right | Redditor Shares a Free & Useful Financial Sheet for Malaysians



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Manage Your Finances Right | Redditor Shares a Free & Useful Financial Sheet for Malaysians

By MJC97

Reddit is honestly a one-stop station for entertainment, education and also if you are into some weird content, I won’t say what kind, but iykyk. 

One reddit community that is actually really useful and educational for Malaysians specifically is r/MalaysianPF that helps you get your financial house in order. 

In this community, Malaysians freely share their suggestions, recommendations and even problems. The best part if that when you need some advice, a whole group of people who have experience managing finances are ready to help you out! 

They give advice on how to save money, how to kickstart your emergency fund and even how to invest for your future. You got money problem? Well, the community can help you. 

While on the topics of finances and ready to help, one of the community members with the username u/PaperCloud10 deserves to be celebrated and thanked! They recently share a free finances spreadsheet for all Malaysians to use. 

What I ABSOLUTELY love about this is that I don’t have to go through the trouble of learning how to use Excel and then trying to create my own financial spreadsheet. Knowing myself, I will spend more during the whole process by buying snacks because of my stress eating habit. 

In their post, they attached the spreadsheet, which you can open here, and you can use it by creating a copy of it to your google drive. 

Besides giving us a shortcut to managing our finances, this ANGEL also included a guide, as if giving us something so useful for free isn’t good enough. Here is the guide that is so informative and will really hep you out if you are planning on using the guide provided. 

This spreadsheet can track your net worth across different assets, your expenses & income, do recurring payments, give you stats on your average spending, and it even has a retirement calculator built in. Okay WTH Paper Cloud! You are too kind! 

It has 5 sheets which you can look at below. The first sheet is the categories of your expenses and your income.

The second sheet is the ledger where you key in how much you've spent.

The third sheet is your dashboard to look at how you're doing financially you know.

The fourth sheet is the retirement calculator that help you calculate how much you need to save for your retirement.

The fifth sheet is the charts which as the redittor said in their post, hasn't really been tested extensively but if there are any issues you can just inform the redittor in the comments.

So, for anyone looking for a way to manage your finances, definitely try out this free spreadsheet and also join the r/MalaysianPF community and tell Paper Cloud thank you for everything! 

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