Sneak Peak into Olympian‘s Diet | Mind Blowing Meals That Athletes Actually Eat



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Sneak Peak into Olympian‘s Diet | Mind Blowing Meals That Athletes Actually Eat

By Ayunie

In the Tokyo Olympic village, volunteers in the dining halls in Olympic village are working hard to prepare 48,000 meals every day in order to serve 18,000 competitors coming from all over the world. According to reports, there are about 700 menus, ranging from local Japanese cuisines, signatures dishes from different countries to gluten-free sections— the first ever in Olympics kitchen history. Curious to see what these Olympians eat? Let‘s find out:

# Irish rugby player Harry Mcnulty shows us everything they're serving in the Olympic Village: 

1. Puerto Rican basketball player Ali Gibson did a little TikTok review on the food served in the Olympic Village:


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# USA Volleyball player Erik Shoji also did a cute little review on the meals he eats in Tokyo's Olympic Village: 


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These are some of the foods the Olympians get to enjoy (unlimited and for free!) in the Tokyo 2020's Olympics. But do you know, on average, these athletes could eat up to 12,000 calories per day, just to maintain their stamina? Or, at least, the equivalent of that. Depending on the sports, some athletes are constantly required to fuel themselves with protein-filled meals to ensure maximum physical performance.
(Michael Phelps and his famous 12,000 calorie diet (which was later debunked, but still the point is he eats A LOT.) 

These high-calorie diets are unfortunately unfit to be consumed by a regular person, according to dieticians, so we're not even going to include them here, in case anyone is crazy enough to attempt it. (Trust us, someone actually did.)

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