Easy Poses That Will Make You Look Thinner & Slimmer in Photos



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Easy Poses That Will Make You Look Thinner & Slimmer in Photos

By MJC97

Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and wonder do I really look that big? Well, the answer is no, you don’t! 

Most of the time when taking photos, we tend to look a little different that how we actually look and that is entire because of the angle the photos were taken from and also our poses in the photos. 

If these factors can influence the final products of our photos that means that we can actually manipulate them to our benefit. 

So, here are some of the poses you can try to make yourself look slimmer and way thinner than you actually are:

1. Stand at an angle with one leg slightly more forward than the other

This is one of the most popular poses on red carpets, all your favourite celebs are doing it. Turn your body to a 45-degree angle and put one of your legs in front of the other. 


2. Sit on the edge of the seat

If you don’t feel like you prefer sitting down poses, then make sure to sit at the edge of your seat when posing for the photos. When you sit on the chair fully, your thighs are pressed down, and they look flat and wide, making them look bigger than they actually are! 


3. Keep your arms away from your body

If yu’re placing your arms flat against your body, then you’re doing it wrong. The camera will make your arms look bigger than they actually are. Bend your arms or even raise them above your head or on your hips or anything else but flat! 


4. Cross your legs

Crossing your legs make them loo slimmer and longer and it also highlights your hips, making it look curvier and giving you an hourglass figure. 


5. Posture! 

Slouching your back will automatically give you unflattering photos. This is one of the many reasons why sitting or standing up straight is good for you. When posing for a photo make sure you’re standing straight with your shoulders back, add a little curvy-liciousness by arching your back. 


6. Lean away from the camera

When you lean forwards towards the camera, it makes your little tummy look more bulgy whereas when you lean backwards and away from the camera, it sort of stretches your body and make our tummy area look flat.


photography poses Poses That Will Make You Look Poses That Will Make You Look Look Thinner & Slimmer in Phot


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