3 NEW Crime Documentaries on Netflix to Keep Up With



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3 NEW Crime Documentaries on Netflix to Keep Up With

By ellephant

As fun as fiction may be, there is just something about watching real-life events unfold, that is just so much more enthralling. 

Documentaries/docuseries are real occurrences narratively told and has become somewhat of a craze amongst many, in today's day and age. 

As of February 2022, there has been 3 crime documentaries on Netflix, and we're here to tell you, you just HAVE TO add them to your list. 

Check it out! 

#1 The Tinder Swindler


Documentary: Trending now, the Tinder Swindler is about a man who cons women he meets online, into lending him money and then walks away with all their cash. 

#2 Catching Killers Season 2


Docuseries: A series which explores various real-life killers from different places and time, as well as the gruesome details of their brutal crimes. 

#3 The Puppet Master


Limited docuseries: This show is about a conman in the 90's who poses as a British spy (MI5 agent) and manipulates as well as steals from the people around him. 

All rather riveting and unbelievable, this is a list you definitely don't want to let slip. 

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