Safety Alert! DO NOT Download These Apps On Your Phone At Any Cost.



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Safety Alert! DO NOT Download These Apps On Your Phone At Any Cost.

By m7py

You might want to reconsider downloading apps into your smartphones next time. Some of them could steal your data, install malwares, or crash your phones. Here are the apps that you should never download on your Android or iOS devices: 

1. Dolphin Browser- Fast, Private & Adblock

Scammers might steal private data from your phone .

2.  SuperVPN Fast VPN Client
This app could steal your bank details, private photos, and videos.

3. UC Browser- Safe, Fast, Private

You might get your social media account hacked-beware!

4. Virus Cleaner- Antivirus & Phone Cleaner

Instead of getting rid of virus, this app ACTUALLY adds malwares to your device.

5. Fildo App
This app could stalk on your location wherever you are.

6. CleanIt
Your phone might get laggy, instead of optimized.

So, save these article and beware of these apps! 

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Thank you for reading!



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