Serial Dog Killer In Subang Jaya Is Hunted Down For Poisoning Doggos



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Serial Dog Killer In Subang Jaya Is Hunted Down For Poisoning Doggos

By JustineG

Is there a dog killer on the loose? A suspect was recently seen on camera approaching a home in Subang Jaya by hurling something into the compound where a dog was present.

The Belgian Shepherd dog reportedly died after eating whatever the suspect tossed into the compound.

One could think it's poisoned food. To ascertain the exact reason for that, the dog's body has been sent for an autopsy, which might take a few days to get the results back.

When the Belgian Shepherd's owner, Wong, saw that her dog had started to vomit and seemed to be experiencing some sort of medical issue, she checked her surveillance camera and discovered that the man in the video had been throwing something into the compound of her home. She then filed a police report detailing the incident.

She said that this wasn't the first time, as she had previously discovered bread clumps with "medication" hidden inside of them, as well as another instance where her kid had found "sweets" that she feared may have been drugs or poison.

She didn't file a complaint back then because she lacked proof, but now that she has concrete evidence, she is on the lookout for the suspect.

Only a few days after the incident, another report surfaces describing the death of another dog from what appears to be poisoning.

Before it passed away, the 9-year-old female pitbull mix started throwing up and purging blood for two days.

Ong, the owner, said that the dog was behaving normally, especially when her son fed her, but after only 15 minutes, they discovered the dog vomiting and unconscious.

When they took the dog to the vet right away, the doctor advised them that there wasn't much they could do because the dog was displaying indications of poisoning.

The dog woke up after receiving a shot from the doctor and being given water and charcoal pills orally, but every time she received water, she tends to vomit blood.

Ong claims that the veterinary clinic issued him a letter in which it suggested that poisoning could have been the reason for Oreo's abrupt death: "Oreo is a 9-year-old female pitbull brought to the clinic with the complaint of the animal's sudden collapse. Physical examination revealed that the dog was lying on its side, had pale mucous membranes, bloody diarrhoea, and vomited. No indication of infection, mild anaemia and suspicion of poisoning were found when blood tests and radiographs were conducted.

Police complaint filed by Ong was received, according to confirmation from Subang Jaya OCPD ACP Wan Azlan Wan Mamat.

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