SHOCKING: "I Said No But He Kept Kissing Me!" 41 M'sian Women Sexually Harassed & Raped During Photoshoots By Kuching Photographer



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SHOCKING: "I Said No But He Kept Kissing Me!" 41 M'sian Women Sexually Harassed & Raped During Photoshoots By Kuching Photographer

2 Weeks ago
By sleepingbeauty

Some individuals who have faced harassment and molestation in the past have kept these dark secrets to themselves due to societal judgments. However, there comes a point when saying "enough is enough" becomes necessary. 

This is precisely what happened to @chuisshxrxn, who courageously shared her story of being sexually harassed by a photographer named Ahmad Zaim from Kuching, Sarawak, known as @onni_channn on IG in the realm of boudoir photoshoots. 

The incident occurred three years ago during a shoot when he unexpectedly kissed her, claiming she didn't appear aroused enough. Despite her repeated refusals, he persisted. 

Shockingly, she discovered that she was one of 41 victims who experienced similar horror at his hands. With consent, chuisshxrxn shed light on his manipulative behaviour by sharing screenshots provided by these 40 women. 

One victim disclosed that the photographer touched her waist without consent during a shoot, while another stated he continuously stared at her breasts in the photos. 

Beyond harassment, he also scammed models by not compensating them for the shoots. Despite numerous police reports filed against him, no action has been taken, leaving the victims frustrated. 

In response to the lack of action, chuisshxrxn questioned the accountability of the justice system. She also revealed the photographer's audacity in threatening to sue her for speaking out, despite multiple reports by his victims. 

Presently, 41 victims, including chuisshxrxn, have shared their stories of sexual harassment and being scammed by Ahmad Zaim. 

While many netizens sympathize with the victims, some resort to victim-blaming, attributing fault to those who agreed to a sexy photoshoot with the accused. Supporters emphasize that the nature of a photoshoot does not excuse sexual harassment.

The allegations have gained widespread attention on social media, prompting Ahmad Zaim to deactivate all his platforms except LinkedIn. Legal actions are underway, with chuisshxrxn stating that many victims have filed police reports, though authorities have taken no action. 

With the current update by chuisshxrxn, the 41th victim has come forward and has spoken about how Ahmad Zaim had raped her. 

The woman revealed that she and Ahmad Zaim were good friends who attended the same university and would frequently see each other. In 2019, he introduced her to the concept of boudoir photography. Although she was aware of the theme's nature, lacking other photographer friends, she agreed to his suggestion. He offered to pick her up from her house and covered the hotel expenses for the photoshoot. 

Recounting the experience, she expressed, "I did what I could, but he insisted that I pose 'lower,' and that's when everything went downhill. Instead of appearing sensual, I had to pose provocatively in front of his camera."

After the shoot, he requested a selfie, a ploy commonly used by him. As they were about to take the selfie, he kissed her cheek and forcibly turned her face to kiss her lips. She detailed a distressing incident where he forcefully engaged in inappropriate behaviour, influenced by his inappropriate interests. 

Despite being sore afterwards, she emphasized that he persisted in contacting her whenever she posted photos revealing skin. Additionally, she highlighted that despite a year passing, he never delivered the promised photos, yet he continued to pressure her for another shoot.

@chuisshxrxn added that, according to the latest victim's account, she initially thought Zaim had limited his misconduct to sexual assault. However, it appears he had committed even more egregious actions.

We extend our sympathies to the victims and hope for justice to be served.

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