Heads Up! 6 Signs The Guy You're Dating Does Not Match Your Emotional Maturity



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Heads Up! 6 Signs The Guy You're Dating Does Not Match Your Emotional Maturity

By ellephant

You may deem yourself in love with him, but does his energy match yours?

Vibing with someone on a surface level is not a challenge, the hard part comes when you dig a little deeper. 

Does he have the same intelligence you have, or one better than you? If so, you're on the right path. 

However, what happens when he can't keep up with you, emotionally? Here are 6 signs he is "too small" for you. 


#1 He gets defensive, when you're explaining your hurt

Instead of understanding what bothers you, he is narcissistic and gets angry at you. 

#2 He's always complaining 

He constantly fails to see the good parts, the positives, the silver linings. He's just never satisfied. 

#3 He sweeps problems under a rug

Instead of dealing with them head on, he opts to run and hide from  them, because it's 'easier'.


#4 He's has an allergy to apology

Admitting he's wrong is foreign, and he doesn't apologize, ever. 

#5 He breaks his promises

Promises are meant to be kept, because if not, why is he making them in the first place?

#6 He doesn't treat you like he is meant to

You're precious, and if he goes a single day in your life, not showing you that, then he isn't it. 


Understanding if the person you're with is right for you in every aspect takes time and precision. But keep your eyes peeled, and who he truly is will shine through soon enough. 

Should that happen, do not settle. 

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