Scam Exposed: Here Are 11 Tips To Help You Identify & Prevent Yourself From Falling Into Their Scam Traps



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Scam Exposed: Here Are 11 Tips To Help You Identify & Prevent Yourself From Falling Into Their Scam Traps


The one thing scarier than a virus is undoubtedly scammers because they mutate so quickly that you might not even realize it's happening. The best course of action is to arm ourselves with knowledge of the latest scam tactics and exercise extra caution at all times.

To aid everyone in the endeavour of recognizing these scam tactics, here are 11 tips for your reference:

1) Beware of Fake Phone Numbers:
Scammers often use fake phone numbers to appear legitimate. Avoid calls from numbers starting with :-
- 08-111
- 100 (international scams)
- 1069 (domestic scams, especially SMS links)
- 95 (utilizing high-tech tricks)
- 400 (indicating personal data leakage)
- unknown numbers 
Don't hesitate to hang up on them.
2) Income Tax Scams
If someone claims to be from the Public Safety Tax Department or the National Tax Bureau, it's best to remain silent and disconnect immediately.

3) Bank Debt Claims
When someone mentions you owe a substantial sum to a bank, be cautious and end the conversation.
4) Credit Card Fraud Alerts
If someone claims that your credit card has been a fraud, check your SMS for any unusual credit card charges first. Your bank will send you a message if there's a significant transaction.

5) Lottery Wins with Suspicious Links
Never click on any links claiming you've won a lottery prize. Delete such messages without hesitation.
6) Parcel Payment Scams
Unless you've ordered prohibited items, you'll never be asked to pay for a parcel's release.

7) Illegal Parcel Shipping
If you receive an illegal parcel, report it immediately. Verify the company's official contact information and call them for clarification.
8) Hit-and-Run Scams
Scammers might call claiming your family member was involved in a hit-and-run accident. They'll provide detailed information to gain your trust. Verify your family member's safety with them directly before taking any action.

9) Drug Trafficking Scam
In this scenario, the scammer impersonates a high-ranking police officer from a major police station, alleging your family member has committed a crime. They'll ask for an initial payment and connect you to an 'official' for further fees. Always confirm your family member's whereabouts and safety first.
10) Money Laundering Scam
Posing as a police officer from a prestigious police headquarters, the scammer informs you that your bank account has been used for money laundering. They'll request personal information for 'investigation' and ask you to transfer your funds to another account. This is a red flag; don't comply.

11) Phishing Sites and Links
Scammers may contact you claiming issues with recent online purchases and ask you to re-enter your bank details. They create fake websites and links resembling those you've used before. To protect yourself, verify the link's legitimacy by hovering your mouse pointer over it to check for suspicious URLs in the bottom left corner of your screen. Do NOT click on the link! Contact the platform's official customer service if you have doubts.
By staying informed and following these 11 tips, you can protect yourself from scammers who are constantly evolving their tactics to catch unsuspecting victims. Stay vigilant, and don't fall for their tricks!

If you find these tips useful, do share them with your friends and families too!

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