Man Wears Spotted Wearing A Songkok Taller Than His Own Head



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Man Wears Spotted Wearing A Songkok Taller Than His Own Head

By Nick Dorian

For most Muslim brothers, a songkok is an integral part of a traditional outfit, be it for a formal event, religious functions or even going out on a day to day basis. Usually, it graciously sits on top of the head, complimenting the users facial shape. However, as one netizen spotted recently, one man has taken that concept to a whole other level.

Taking to TikTok, user @peoplecallmeabay spotted a man in Kuching, Sarawak, casually riding his bicycle around the city. Nothing out of the ordinary there, except when you take a look at what he is wearing.

Wearing a songkok that feels like it could touch the sky, netizens were tickled pink by the encounter, taking to the comments section to express their amusement. Some even pointed out that this rider has started to become well known within the city, being spotted multiple times, especially nearby MetroCity Square.  
While we may not know for certain what the mans motives were for wearing such a fashion statement, but we can be sure that whatever the reason may be, he has certainly made an impact within the community, making him a sight to behold and keep a look out for.

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Nick Dorian

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