IPT Students To Return To Physical Classes According To Stages Starting 15th October



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IPT Students To Return To Physical Classes According To Stages Starting 15th October

By Ayunie

Students of higher learning institutions (IPT) in Malaysia will be allowed to resume physical classes and return to their respective university campus starting 15th October.


The return of students who have been completely vaccinated into the campus involves all categories of students and all phases of the National Rehabilitation Plan (PPN) with priority given to students in need.


According to Datuk Seri Dr. Noraini Ahmad, the Minister of Higher Education, even though students are now allowed to be back, "strict SOPs must be practiced in managing the movement in and out," to prevent outbreaks of Covid-19 infections. 

So, there you have it. IPT students are given a one-month heads up before returning to campus. The question is: is it enough time? 

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