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Find Out Your Grand Total Spent So Far On Shopee & Lazada! | Easy Hack

m7py   |   Oct 15, 2021, 22:07   |   4425

We all love receiving our beloved parcels from Shopee! But, how much have you actually spent on the eCommerce portal alone until today?


We know that it's probably hard to keep track of your spending there. So, here's a SAFE little trick to get the figures. 
The data comes from Shopee API itself, as explained by Twitter user @faizedzahar


Here's the script developer for you to check out: Facebook

If you're curious like me, follow these steps & find out the grand total that you've splurged so far! 

1- Go to this Github link

2- Click on the Copy raw contents icon for the code as shown in this picture 


3- Login to your Shopee account on your desktop

4- Right click anywhere on the Shopee page 

5- Click on Inspect > Console 


6- Paste the code & hit Enter

7- Let the code run for a few seconds & you'll see your grand total at the bottom. Also, you'll get to see every item purchased and its price listed, starting from your most recent order. 


Watch this tutorial for more details. Another way is to download & install this Chrome Extension for a much easier calculation! 

Use this Lazada Grand Total Counter if you're a Lazadaholic!


Pretty handy, right? If you're a little sus on your BF/GF shopping activity, maybe this trick might help! So, try it out now! 

Source: @faizedzahar


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