Penangites Advised To Not Stop On Tallest Road To Take Photos As It Could Be Dangerous!



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Penangites Advised To Not Stop On Tallest Road To Take Photos As It Could Be Dangerous!

By MJC97

With the brand new tallest road in Malaysia finally in opening in Penang, people have been excitedly going on short road trips to use it and like finding any excuse to use it. 

While it certainly makes it easier for us to take a trip to Balik Pulau to get away from the city or to travel to Air Itam through Paya Terubong to look at the Kek Lok Si lights, some people found other joys to using the road.  

Based on all the videos posted on TikTok, people love the view they get from the road and they have been stopping at the side of this tall road on the emergency lane just to take a few shot of it. Erm, I guess the ones with a fear of heights must be sitting in the car, peeing themselves.  

In this video, you can see a long line of cars all stopped at the side of the road with the people outside taking photos and videos of the beautiful view.  

While we understand the importance of getting a shot for the gram or the TikTok, local authorities are warning people of the dangers of stopping at the side of the road.  

In another TikTok video, you can see local authorities coming and chasing away locals who had stopped at the side of the road while blasting their siren.

Netizens who watched the video agree with the actions taken by the local authorities as they are of the opinion that such actions can also create traffic congestion and can also be a factor in accidents on Malaysia's highest highway.

It is hoped that the public can cooperate with the local authorities as the 5.5 km highway, which cost RM545.6 million, was built to facilitate traffic on the three main routes from Paya Terubong-Bukit Jambul and Balik Pulau-Jalan Tun Sardon, not to add more traffic congestion.

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