RUN GIRL - 3 Signs You Should Ditch That Situationship



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RUN GIRL - 3 Signs You Should Ditch That Situationship

By ellephant

Let's talk situationships. 

What is it? It is when you're in situation with someone, sexually, intimately, but there are no labels, no 'where is this going', no 'what are we', no questions asked basically. It means doing all the love stuff without the commitment.

As much as it can and has worked for many, how does one know when a situationship has reached its demised?

We found 3 signs out there which screams, it's over boo, bye. 

Check them out. 

#1 They take up more brain space than necessary  

It's a situationship, you shouldn't be caring about this person, worrying if they're going to text back, or make plans. You should be focusing on yourself. But, if you find yourself doing the former, then it's time to go. 

#2 No room for a mature conversation  

You should be able to sit down and talk adult stuff, about each other, about the relationship, about boundaries, about a future if there is any, and what both of you want out of it. 

If that isn't possible, then whatever that's going on, also shouldn't be possible. 

#3 You're catching feelings  

You shouldn't be feeling for, caring for or loving someone who does not feel for, care for or love you. It's simple, you give what you receive. If you find yourself falling down that rabbit hole, then you may want to hit the brakes. 

Look at those 3 signs, reassess and make important decisions queen!

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