WATCH: "I Want To Be Like Her Too!" Bride Displays New Ferrari & RM6.65mil Cash As Wedding Dowry, Netizens Impressed



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WATCH: "I Want To Be Like Her Too!" Bride Displays New Ferrari & RM6.65mil Cash As Wedding Dowry, Netizens Impressed

By JustineG

When it comes to dowries, the usual practice involves a negotiation between both parties to reach a reasonable agreement. However, in this extraordinary case, a Chinese bride showcased a wedding that fulfilled all her dreams and then some. 

The lavish ceremony unfolded in Luyi County, situated in the eastern part of Henan province. The bride was adorned in a resplendent red wedding attire, embellished with an abundance of gold accessories.

In the background, four individuals proudly displayed signs representing her dowry, which included a property in Shenzhen, a multi-story villa, approximately RM6.65 million in cash, and a Ferrari.

While the dowry alone was grandiose enough, the occasion was further elevated by an impressive motorcade featuring luxury vehicles ranging from Rolls-Royces to Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

Many were awestruck by the spectacle but some questioned how she could afford such extravagant dowries. It was revealed that the bride was a successful entrepreneur who financed the entire dowry herself.

Despite hailing from a family of farmers, she diligently built a beauty empire and achieved remarkable success. Rumours circulated that her groom also came from a wealthy background. However, what impressed many was the bride's ability to afford the lavish dowry with her hard-earned money, serving as an inspiration to others.

Although some may view the display as excessive and purely for show, one might ponder: if you had worked tirelessly to earn such wealth, wouldn't you also choose to indulge in luxurious dowries?

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