5 M’sian Personal Finance Influencers That Will Teach You How to Get Rich



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5 M’sian Personal Finance Influencers That Will Teach You How to Get Rich

By MJC97

The finance part of our lives always seems to be a quite treacherous and perilous place to visit. It often leaves us in pain because of how stressful and just complicating it is. 

Due to how little we are taught about at school about personal finance, we often look for tips and tricks on the internet that will make us more thrifty and less wasteful with our finances. Unfortunately, most of the information we get are from people in different countries like the US and don’t really apply to the Southeast Asian economic situation. 

So, here are some M’sian personal finance influencers that you should definitely follow:

1. Suraya, Ringgit Oh Ringgit 

Suraya is the blogger behind the Ringgit Oh Ringgit platform which provides Malaysians with information on how to earn, save and invest aggressively; live minimally and frugally; and spend money on experiences instead of things.

2. Aaron Tang, Mr-Stingy 

Aaron uses the Mr Stingy as his personal blog where he shares how he applies the art of optimizing in his life. He believes that you should be stingy on things that don’t really matter in order for you to be able to be give more to what matters. 

His work has appeared on many well-known sites like The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project and Business Insider. He even got featured on Astro Awani to talk about investing in bitcoin.

3. Ameruddin Ibrahim 

Besides the blog, Ameruddin also has a YouTube page with soe useful and interesting videos that can educate you not only on your finances, but he also does some videos where he reviews game tech like the Nintendo and so on. 

You should even follow his instagram where he also shares some useful tips and you get to have a little peek into his private life. 

4. Leigh, Dividend Magic 

At Dividend Magic, Leigh will equip you with all the information you need before you venture into the world of investments. He is the investment guru and he will teach you how to be one too. He is very transparent and honest about everything he does, so you will definitely want to check him out. 

5. Suyin Ong 

Suyin is a YouTuber that shares knowledge about what we can do to build good relationship with money, so we are free to lead life on our own terms. She does a lot of videos about the financial world here in Malaysia. You can also follow her Instagram for some summarised tips!

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