5 Reliable Apps To Support Your Mental Health Whenever You Breakdown



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5 Reliable Apps To Support Your Mental Health Whenever You Breakdown

By m7py

It is important that your mental health is taken care of at all times. One way to do this is through online therapy via these reliable apps. Check them out! 

1) Intellect


Use this app for self-help guided programmes, personalised content, and crisis support. 

Download on App Store | Google Play

2) Naluri


Get in touch with health experts, for both physical and mental fitness. You'll also gain access to health screenings and coaching. 

Download on App Store | Google Play

3) Thoughtfull Chat


This app connects users to certified mental health professionals with the help you need. You can access coaching, text and audio  messaging, learning packs, and self-serve tools regarding mental health. 

Download on App Store | Google Play

4) PlusVibes

You'll get an all-in-one solution via this app. Stay anonymous as you receive advice or motivation. Plus, there are personal monthly assessments to help you focus on areas for improvement. 

Download on App Store | Google Play

5) The Help Talk


Seek therapy with licensed professionals at a reasonable price. 

Download on Google Play

So, go get the help you need today! 

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Thank you for reading!



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