Hair Expert Says Masturbating Could Lead To Hair Loss!



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Hair Expert Says Masturbating Could Lead To Hair Loss!

By MJC97

While there's nothing wrong with beating your meat every once in a while, just make sure it only happens once in a while because it could be pretty risky, for your hair.

According to Dr Umear Ahmad a hair surgeon from Juvida, an award-winning hair transplant clinic in the UK, there is a possibility that too much masturbation could lead to hair loss issues.  

After getting quite a significant number of questions from guys wanting to know the effects of masturbation on hair health, Dr Umear Ahmad came forth and said, yes but only beyond an extreme degree.

So basically, if you're blowing your own horn a little more excessively than normal, then you would start noticing a little more hair loss than usual. Apparently, the average and the appropriate number of times to masturbate is twice a week.  

Dr Umear Ahmad mentioned that this negative side effect has something to do with vitamin A and its relation to hair health and masturbation. Vitamin A is related to maintaining a healthy head of hair. Since it is also abundant in semen, jacking off a little too much could also lead to you losing quite an amount of Vitamin A.  

You actually have to be masturbating throughout the day for it to actually have to have an effect on your hair. So technically, there is a correlation between hair loss and masturbation, but only if the masturbation is extreme. 

So, as the good old saying goes, "everything in moderation". 

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