8 Must-Watch Adibah Noor Movies & TV Shows That You Will Never Forget!



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8 Must-Watch Adibah Noor Movies & TV Shows That You Will Never Forget!

1 Week ago
By MJC97

Just yesterday we received the heartbreaking news that Malaysia's sweetheart, Adibah Noor has passed away after battling ovarian cancer. 

Adinah Noor was not only a talented actress but also a singer, host and comedian. Every Malaysian grew up watching her on tv and laughing at her hilarious antics and she will never be forgotten. 

For those who want to honour Adibah Noor, you can watch some of her must-watch movies as listed here:

#1 Mukhsin (2007)

Mukhsin tells the love story of Orked, with Mukhsin who had just returned to the village during the school holidays. The film also features the conflict in Mukhsin's family that all the audience can relate to.

#2 Talentime (2009)

Adibah Noor is cast as one of the main actors who plays the character of Cikgu Adibah in Talentime. Like the title, the film revolves around a Talentime event at a school.

#3 Sepet (2004)

Sepet is a romantic comedy film set in Ipoh, Perak that tells a love story between a Chinese boy, and a Malay girl. The film won many local and international awards such as Best Asian Film Award at the 18th Tokyo International Film Festival, Best Film at the 27th Créteil International Women's Film Festival and 9 major awards at the 18th Malaysian Film Festival.

#4 Magika (2010)

This film directed by Edry Abdul Halim tells the story of two sisters, Ayu and Malik who experience hardships in life after the death of their mother. After a fight with Ayu, Malik enters the forest and unknowingly, falls into another world known as Magika.

#5 Fundamentally Happy (2015)

Twenty years ago, Habiba and Eric were neighbours. When Eric revisits her home to find her still living there with her husband, what seems like a friendly reunion turns into the gradual revelation of a painful secret from the past.

#6 Oh My English! (2012-2013, 2017)

One of the classic Astro Ceria shows that not only taught us English but also gave us all the usual high-school drama that certainly got it a ton of fans. And who could forget Adibah Noor's stunning portrayal of Puan Hajar, the English teacher.

#7 Kampung People 2 (2020)

Although she wasn't in the first Kampung People, Adibah was given a role in the second one. This show will definitely prove to entertain you and you'll be rolling on the floor laughing in no time!

#8 Phua Chu Kang Sdn Bhd

In the Malaysian spin-off of this Singaporean series, Adibah Noor was cast as Phua Chu Kang's maid Fatimah and she certainly brought a lot of jokes to the show. 

What's your favourite Adibah Noor movies? Share your answers on the comments section. 

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