Tired of Dealing With Sensitive Skin Woes? This Effective Brand Might Change Your Skin For The Better:



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Tired of Dealing With Sensitive Skin Woes? This Effective Brand Might Change Your Skin For The Better:


Individuals with sensitive skin are often sidelined when it comes to the freedom of mindlessly hopping on a skincare trend as their skin tends to be more reactive than others. There's always extra caution to be exercised and at times, options are rather scarce. 

Are you on the lookout for a sensitive skin-friendly brand?

If you relate to the previous statement a little too well, you're certainly not alone. It can be a challenge to scavenge for skincare products that really suit you if you're only relying on the trial and error method, which is what most would typically do. Now, you'd want to pay attention to what we say next: there's a brand that is so, so, kind to sensitive skin.


Throughout its 75-year heritage, Cetaphil as a brand has been committed to advancing sensitive skincare solutions. Cetaphil claims to be the No. 1 dermatological skincare brand in Malaysia. In fact, their products have been tested on 32,000 sensitive skin subjects across 550 clinical studies. In their 2021 Skin Health Survey consisted of 6,596 respondents, it was discovered that more than 50% of people in Malaysia deal with at least one type of skin sensitivity. In regards to that, Cetaphil products now come with a new look and an improved formula to better meet the needs of all skin types, including sensitive skin.


Now with all-new look and formula!

Cetaphil’s best sellers, the Gentle Skin Cleanser, Oily Skin Cleanser, Moisturising Cream, Moisturising Lotion and DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion, now come with upgraded packaging and formula. The new formulas contain a science-backed blend of ingredients to strengthen the skin barrier. What are these formulas, you ask? They are: 

+ Niacinamide, which helps strengthen the skin barrier.
+ Panthenol, which is a hydrating ingredient that soothes and restores moisture back into dry skin.
+ Glycerin, which helps prevent dryness by drawing in moisture to hydrate the skin.

These are one of the very first products that are made with readily biodegradable formulas. Also, these products are free from parabens, sulfates and fragrances, making them hypoallergenic and super gentle to use.


Besides science-backed ingredients, Cetaphil products also harness the power of natural ingredients:

+ Cetaphil Moisturising Cream (contains almond oil)
+ Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion (contains avocado oil)
+ Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion (contains shea butter)

Other products worth mentioning are Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser and Cetaphil Moisturising Cream, which are specifically catered for people with combination to oily skin.

Your Greatest Defence against the 5 signs of skin sensitivity

As the no.1 dermatological brand in Malaysia, Cetaphil has been advancing dermatology and improving sensitive skin innovation to defend against 5 signs of skin sensitivity: 

+ Dryness
+ Irritation
+ Roughness
+ Tightness
+ Weakened skin barrier

So if you suffer from any of these skin complications, rest assured that Cetaphil can help cure them, revealing healthier, more radiant skin. 

Have you tried Cetaphil’s Advanced Skin Analyser?

Always wondered about how your skin is actually doing? Take a closer look at your skin’s health with Cetaphil’s advanced skin analyser. It's a rather sophisticated skin scanner launched by Cetaphil to assist their customers in further understanding their skin issues and recommends the products as a complete skincare programme to reinforce the skin barrier for healthier skin.

More specifically, what it does is it analyses your image to measure any skin conditions like acne, dark spots, dryness and more. You'll also receive personalised skincare recommendations based on your skin’s top concerns and free samples of Cetaphil. Yay!

Curious? Start your scan now at: https://cetaphilskinanalyser.netlify.app/


You can always learn more about how Cetaphil’s new and improved formula can help your skin achieve better results as well as their products at https://www.cetaphil.com.my/. You can also check out their other social media platforms to keep up to date with their latest announcements!

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