PN Political Party Accusing Concerts Of Being A 'Distraction' Now Questions Why Taylor Swift Wasn't Brought To Malaysia



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PN Political Party Accusing Concerts Of Being A 'Distraction' Now Questions Why Taylor Swift Wasn't Brought To Malaysia

By JustineG

As many know, Taylor Swift fans, known as Swifties, are excited as the singer embarks on her Era Tour in Southeast Asia. Presently, she is captivating audiences in Singapore with a six-day concert series.

This led to a local Perikatan Nasional, the political party that previously garnered attention for criticizing the Malaysian government over concerts, shifting its focus and questioning why Taylor Swift has yet to visit Malaysia. 76eb4050

Sasha Lyna Abdul Latiff, the Perikatan Nasional's legal and constitutional bureau deputy chairperson, stated that Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and Minister of Youth and Sports Hannah Yeoh must explain the missed economic opportunity. 

She said communication between the Malaysian government and Taylor Swift's concert organizers began as early as 2022. However, Malaysia still needs to secure the agreement, while neighbouring Singapore succeeded in securing the visit.

"The Madani government is pressured to take proactive steps to seize similar economic opportunities involving famous entertainers. The missed opportunity to host the Taylor Swift Era Tour represents a significant setback for the Malaysian economy, particularly amidst ongoing challenges," Sasha added.

The Era Tour is expected to conclude in December and is anticipated to generate a staggering $4.1 billion (RM19.4 billion) in revenue. Previously, it was reported that the coalition has consistently criticized concerts deemed "excessive" or incompatible with local societal values.

Last year, the party, through its highest council member, Datuk Wan Saiful Wan Jan, was among the most vocal politicians to critique the announcement of the Coldplay concert. He criticized the prime minister for his welcoming remarks to the renowned British rock band, portraying it as an action inconsistent with the image and values ​​that national leaders should promote.

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