Sabah Beach Turns Red: Jellyfish Swarms Amaze Locals



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Sabah Beach Turns Red: Jellyfish Swarms Amaze Locals

By Dhiviya

A unusual phenomena in Sabah has recently attracted Malaysians' interest, as photographs and videos of the event becoming viral on social media.  

Many people became confused and feared the worst when they saw a beach in Kampung Jangkit, Kuala Penyu, Sabah, covered in thousands of jellyfish blown ashore and beached.

Sabah News Today posted images of the incident courtesy of its followers on its Facebook page, stating that it occurred yesterday (March 27).

In the photographs, many jellyfish can be seen beached in Kampung Jangkit along nearly the whole length of the beach.

In addition, jellyfish were washed ashore as far as a few metres from the sea, possibly during high tide.

According to World Of Buzz, due to the high number of jellyfish beached, the water surrounding the beach appear ominously crimson, making the image even more strange.

Aside from Sabah News Today, Daily Express Malaysia also reported on the phenomena, including a video shot by Justin Tianji, a local from adjacent Kampung Kiara who visited the Kampung Jangkit beach.

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