Netizens React To UITM Students Wearing Black, Protesting Against Non-Bumi Admission



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Netizens React To UITM Students Wearing Black, Protesting Against Non-Bumi Admission

4 Days ago
By peachyunnie

In light of the severe lack of specialists, the Malaysian Medical Association has appealed to Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) to permit non-bumis to enroll in its cardiothoracic surgery program.

However, just in;

The Student body at UiTM starts "wear black" protest in opposition to calls for non-Bumiputera admission.  
In a statement, the Student Representative Council (MPP) stated that all 214 of its members ardently upheld UiTM's original goals as a school serving Malays, Orang Asli, and Bumiputera from Sabah and Sarawak.

And of course, netizens are currently reacting to this news on Twitter. 

Majority of the people are very much against the protest with claims saying that this is a major step back in society and for the nation. 

Besides this obvious fact, there is also a greater concern that the matter of declining numbers of specialist in the cardiothoracic surgery programme isn't being taken seriously.

"UiTM MPP believes that this sacred university is the one Bumiputera education institution protected till now. Therefore, we as one voice call for UiTM to preserve the original objective of its foundation, which is to protect and develop Bumiputera students as the fortress of the privilege and development of our race."

The proposal by Prof. Dr. Raja Amin Raja Mokhtar, who is on the Board of Studies of the UiTM-IJN cardiothoracic surgery postgraduate program, to "temporarily" open up the program to non-Bumiputera as a means of resolving the issue at hand has prompted the student union at UiTM to launch this campaign.

According to Dr. Raja Amin, the cardiothoracic surgery program was only made available to non-Bumiputera individuals for a brief time, while Universiti Malaya established a comparable program.

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