Professor Under Fire For Saying Women "Should Degrade Themselves" In Order To Attract Men



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Professor Under Fire For Saying Women "Should Degrade Themselves" In Order To Attract Men


A lecture excerpt from a certain professor has gone viral on Twitter for the sexist, controversial message that it apparently conveys. 

Titled "Why Women Find It Hard To Get Men", Professor Dr. Muhaya states in this video that women shouldn't strive to be equal as it is a male-repellant practice that must be avoided at all costs. She encourages women to appear weak, dependent and transform themselves into an all-around damsel in distress in order to appeal to men's ego. According to the speaker, women who try too hard to liberate themselves, including insisting to drive (instead of being in the passenger seat) will eventually "develop high testosterone levels" that'd render them irreversibly unattractive. 

This, of course, sparked heated discussion among Twitter users.

Internalized misogyny allows for the devaluation of women to become so normalized that this fashion of outdated notion still continues to thrive despite the modern-day and age. We have witnessed time and time again that the boomer mentality does not age well in the era of a society that constantly redefines itself. Unlike the olden days, independence is no longer a gender-specific term dominated by men. 

If you're a man, would you be intimidated by successful women, or do you prefer your women as timid as they can be?

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