8 Ingenious Ways You DON'T Become Addicted To Your Smartphone



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8 Ingenious Ways You DON'T Become Addicted To Your Smartphone

By ellephant

One of the hardest things we would do in this day and age is putting our phones down. 

From the various social apps, to games and literally everything else, living screen-less has become somewhat of an impossibility. 

We live and breathe technology, so not having a phone altogether wouldn't be wise or sustainable. 

Nevertheless, there are measures in which we can take to ensure we do not get addicted to our smartphones. 

Here are 8 ways, scroll below. 


1. Screen time

Assess your screen time. If possible keep it to under 5 hours each day. This way you know that you're holding the reins. 

2. Digital minimalism

Go onto your home screen and browse through all the apps you have. If you don't need something, or have not used it in sometime, delete. 

3. Home screen

Optimize your home screen, arrange them in order. Only essentials up front, this way, at least there's a method to the chaos. 


4. Notifications

During the day, turn off notification alerts from unimportant/not work or education-related apps. Set a time for when notifications roll in. 

5. Application blockers

If things are unsalvageable, then look to download extended apps which curbs/limits the time spent on apps. 

6. Black & White

Colors excite, colors draw in attention, colors keep people hooked. Change your display to shades of grey, and you will lessen screen time for sure. 


7. Limitations

Set up some healthy limitations for yourself and make sure you follow them. For instance, no screens an hour before bed and after you wake up perhaps. Use that time for effective activities instead.

8. Unplug

Last but not least, just disconnect from your phone every once in awhile, to connect with the world, with nature, and with yourself. 

Some pretty challenging steps for sure, but certainly ones needed to ensure better peace of body, mind and soul. 


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