Toothache Leads To Child Losing All Her Teeth



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Toothache Leads To Child Losing All Her Teeth

By Nick Dorian

As a parent, you never want to see your child in pain. With all the love you can give, it can break your heart to see them in these situations and want to find the best possible solution for them.

Revently, Nurul Aida Afifa Abdullah, 38, experienced a horrifying moment when all 20 of her third child's teeth had to be extracted after her dentist confirmed that they had suffered severe damage.  

Nurul stated that the unfortunate decision had to be made after following the doctors advice to further prevent any other complications from happening to her daughter.

She said that she realized that the condition of her youngest child's teeth, Cempaka Aulia Mohd Syafiq Nuzudin, 4, was getting worse, beginning to look very fragile and every day the little one complained of pain. 

"My daughter was born breastfeeding for a short time, then I decided to give her formula milk. During breastfeeding, she ate less food such as rice, noodles and so on. She also ate snacks and chocolate but only sometimes, but I always made sure her teeth were brushed."

"I saw my child's teeth becoming more and more fragile since September last year, all her front teeth were almost gone and only stumps remain. When the child complained of the pain, I immediately took her to a private clinic. The dentist checked and stated that the molar teeth are already hollow"

"The doctor said her teeth are not suitable for a root canal treatment because she is still young. To go through the process of pulling them out one by one will traumatize her. So the doctor applied fluoride and at the same time, asked me to monitor her constantly," she told Sinar Harian on Wednesday.  

As time went on, she began to notice her daughters face was beginning to get swollen and after advice from her dentist she took her straight to the hospital.

In a surprising turn of events, said Nurul, the doctor at the hospital confirmed that her daughters gums had suppurated and needed immediate surgery.

"When the doctor confirmed that her gums had suppurated, there was no other option but to extract all the teeth through surgery. At first I did not agree out of pity, but every day she had pain, fever and no appetite, so I decided to continue the process."

"Before the surgery, my daughter had to finish the antibiotic medicine and immediately stop the formula milk."

"Alhamdulillah, the two-hour surgery was performed on February 18 and was successful, all 20 of her teeth were gone. Hopefully the process of growing new teeth will be quick and my daughters affairs will be made easier after this,"

After this entire ordeal, Nurul Aida Afifa's now urges parents out there not to take it lightly when their child complains of a toothache. Always monitor your childrens diet and most importantly, make sure that their teeth are brushed properly to maintain good oral health.

"This is me sharing what happened, because of my child's formula milk, she lost all her teeth at a young age. This milk issue is indeed sensitive, and many parents may not agree because their child seems to be okay."

"Don't take it lightly when your child starts to have toothaches. When you have to remove 20 teeth, who's to blame, right? You have to be strong and monitor your child's diet,"

(Source from Sinar Harian)

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Nick Dorian

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