Can't figure him out? Here are 4 Simple Signs That Will Tell You He IS Into You



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Can't figure him out? Here are 4 Simple Signs That Will Tell You He IS Into You

By ellephant

It's always an exciting time when you start dating and play the 'he likes me he likes me not' game with yourself. However, sometimes it can get frustrating not knowing. 

Some people can get it without the opinion of another, while others constantly struggle. 

As means to help the latter, we have gathered the 4 signs he shows, that definitely means he likes you. 

Check them out.  

1. He stares at you

Especially when you're not looking, and you can feel him looking at you, and then quickly turning away when you look at him. This means he is interested, for sure. 

2. He smiles at you

It could be the simplest of things, or even nothing at all, but he usually isn't able to stop himself from smiling. It appears to be physically impossible at this point.  

3. He faces you

You may not realize it, but how someone angles their body and their feet say a lot. If they are always facing towards you, then they like you. It's like biology (lol).

4. He's nervous around you

When he talks to you and doesn't know where to put his hands, or if he stutters, or fidgets with something, maybe a phone, this means that you make him feel a little crazy, and that's a good thing.  

They're pretty simple signs, but if you're fresh in the dating pool, and have got your eye on someone, take note! 

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