Elon Musk's Twitter Purchase: 5 Possible Updates To Come To The Bird App?



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Elon Musk's Twitter Purchase: 5 Possible Updates To Come To The Bird App?

By ellephant

Sometime back, billionaire business investor Elon Musk, said he was set to buy over social media app, Twitter (read here). 

After some some U-turns and a possible lawsuit from Twitter, the deal has gone through, and here are some possible new changes Musk has tweeted about in the past couple of dates. 


1. Verified blue tick for $8

2. Secondary tag below the name for public figures

3. Ability to attach long-form text to tweets

4. Impersonation Twitter handles without clarification of 'parody' will be suspended

5. Name change will cause temporary loss of verified blue tick


We don't quite know if we're on board, but we do have an inkling we may be losing the app to money, which is NOT okay. 

More updates in due time. 

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