Woman’s Wedding Photo Was Used By The Media, Netizens React



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Woman’s Wedding Photo Was Used By The Media, Netizens React

By JustineG

A Malaysian woman by the name of Amyra (amyranadyaa) turned to Twitter to voice her dissatisfaction about how her wedding photo had been used without her consent in a TikTok piece with the subject "Turns Out, My Wife Wasn't A Virgin Before Marriage."

"Sue for slander" 

Many people have taken the time to share their stories with her and urge her to sue the media for slander. Or, even better, demand payment from them for the unauthorised use of her photo.

Others mentioned that incidents like these are why they are hesitant to access social media.

Using someone else's photo – especially one from their wedding – which was also the greatest day of their lives for an obscene article is unprofessional, and it can also give the individual in the photo a portrayal that society can misinterpret.

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