This M'sian Woman Manages To Avoid Fake Courier Scam After Spotting 'Weird' Detail On Website



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This M'sian Woman Manages To Avoid Fake Courier Scam After Spotting 'Weird' Detail On Website

By JustineG

A Malaysian woman named Gillian recently shared her experience on social media about almost falling prey to a scam.

Gillian received a message from a courier provider, stating that her items were undeliverable due to a lost address. 

She was directed to click on a link embedded in the message to request a new delivery. Gillian said that she did not find anything suspicious about the website at first, but as she was about to enter her card details, she realized that the word ditular sounded strange.

She called the courier provider for clarification, and a woman was assigned to her inquiries. 

The woman informed Gillian that the messages were from scammers and asked if she had entered any of her personal or card details.

Gillian urged netizens to be cautious of such messages and not become victims of scams. Her post has garnered over 11k shares, and plenty of netizens have also left their comments, sharing similar messages they received. 

To avoid becoming a victim, it is essential to be wary of any suspicious messages and, if unsure, call your local courier provider or head to the nearest branch for further clarification.

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