PEACEMINUSONE | The Fashion Brand Owned By The King of K-Pop, G-Dragon



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PEACEMINUSONE | The Fashion Brand Owned By The King of K-Pop, G-Dragon

By Kiuueii

The South Korean global artist, G-Dragon is one of the infamous megastar people would know when we're talking about K-Pop. Often dubbed as the "King of K-Pop", he is a rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and a very influential fashion designer who owns the fashion brand "PEACEMINUSONE".  
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G-Dragon looks at style, art and music as the same thing with just different expression. For him, PEACEMINUSONE is not just a business he owns but an extension of himself, a simulacrum of his another side that he wants to show to his fans. The concept he looked for in this brand is "a utopia that we have yet to reach".  
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He hopes for a perfect society with complete peace but he knows that in order to achieve such "utopia", the time taken would be long. From his vantage point, we are now living in false peace because we know that something evil is always lurking somewhere and some elements of our lives are missing, which we can call it as "PEACEMINUSONE". Cool, right?
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The PEACEMINUSONE logo surfaced when G-Dragon released his solo album,"Coup d'etat". As we can see, the symbol consists of a G and a D, which is the initial of his stage name "G-Dragon". Also, the logo itself symbolizes "PEACEMINUSONE" as one of the 3 bars of the peace symbol is missing. 

Being an artistic and creative fashion icon, most fashion designers either know him or wants to collaborate with him. He collaborated with big fashion designers such as Ambush and Dover Street Market and the brand "Nike" as well. G-Dragon wished that people can become someone way better and be inspired through his influence, then he would be very grateful and happy.

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