Never Lose Your Keys or Wallet Again with Apple AirTags!



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Never Lose Your Keys or Wallet Again with Apple AirTags!

By xweienx

Do you always struggle to remember where you put your keys? Having a hard time finding your wallet? Don't remember if you brought your bag home from the gym? These problems can all be solved by attaching a tracker device to them. This will allow you to track them using an app on your phone and in the case that it gets stolen, you can seek help from other people on the network to track the item too! Currently, the lion's share of the market is owned by leading Bluetooth tracker manufacturer - Tile. However, there's a new player in town.  

In yesterday's (20/4/2021) Apple event, alongside new colorful Macs and more powerful iPads, Apple introduced their own brand new Bluetooth tracking devices named AirTags. The coin sized devices, which have been very much anticipated by Apple fans, look sleek and small enough to not be obstructive.

After attaching them to your everyday items, these items and their AirTags can be tracked using the built-in "Find My" app, the same app used to track all your other Apple devices. As with most new Apple products, the ease of Apple's one-tap-setup (just like AirPods) will attract many buyers. There is even an option to be notified about your AirTags on your Apple Watch.

For nearby items such as when your keys are under the sofa or lost in your bedsheets, AirTags come with a built-in speaker that you can ping. With Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, your iPhone can also precisely lead you to it with directions and distance displayed!

Lost your items or had them stolen somewhere far away? Anyone with an iPhone all around the world will receive the unique Bluetooth signals from your AirTags as soon as they walk past it and update the location to the cloud so you can still track the updated locations on the "Find My" app, all while maintaining your privacy. Not only that, you can set it up so that someone can actually tap the AirTags with their phone and receive a way to contact you!

AirTags are being sold in the US at $29 for 1 piece and $99 for 4 pack. In Malaysia, it is listed on the website at RM149 a piece and should be available for orders soon. There is currently no 4 pack option yet. Just so you know, they come with free engravings if you want to put a preferred emoji or your initials on them!

Besides engravings, the ultimate customization comes from the AirTag loops and key rings that allow you to actually attach one to your bags or keys. Although they are a tad expensive if you buy them from Apple, Shopee and Lazada are already full of cheaper options. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely getting one for my keys!

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