You're In A Relationship Now, So These 9 Facts Are Must-Knows



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You're In A Relationship Now, So These 9 Facts Are Must-Knows

2 Weeks ago
By ellephant

The basis of any relationship is communication. 

You cannot know someone from just assuming things about them. 

It takes time and effort to understand another, and if you're in a relationship, here are 9 things you have to know. 

Check it out.  

1. People love differently 

Everyone has their love language of preference. When in a relationship, be sure to talk to one another to find out what your partner likes and dislikes. 

2. The past will come up

Relationships open up our vulnerabilities, which inherently includes wounds or triggers of the past. Learn them, accept them and grow from them.  

3. Dealing with conflict

Conflicts are normal, but what's important is the repairing thereafter. Be a team and work on managing and mending as cooperative players. 

4. To each their own 

Talk about values and whether they align. Communicating and being open with one another is vital. Values are relational and may evolve with time.  

5. Relationship patterns

How do the two of you speak of past relationships? Have you learnt from them? Become better people because of them? Something to think about. 

6. Ready for evolution?

Voice out if you're ready to grow and evolve. Not everyone may be ready for this, so be sure to talk about these things as the two of you explore one another.  

7. Hard on yourselves or grace?

A partner who can forgive themselves and learns to be better individuals, will be the ones to extend that the same grace to you. Take note of it. 

8. Outlining boundaries

Healthy relationships can only be built with healthy boundaries. Make sure there are evident ones with family, friends or anything else which requires it.  

9. Talking about the not-so-proud moments

Self-regulation is important in any relationship. One should be able to listen, take feedback, openly communicate instead of avoiding and/or deflecting. 

The way to a lasting, toxic-free relationship is prioritizing what's needed to you, them and the relationship in itself.  

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