Scam Alert: Couple Loses Over RM3,300 Cash To Group Of Scammers In Thailand



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Scam Alert: Couple Loses Over RM3,300 Cash To Group Of Scammers In Thailand


In a shocking turn of events, a Taiwanese couple on a dream vacation to Thailand found themselves entangled in a cunning scam. What started as an innocent encounter with a group of foreigners quickly escalated into a sophisticated operation designed to distract and deceive. 

The Taiwanese couple landed in Thailand in the late evening and decided to purchase breakfast for the next day in a 7-11 convenience store. Unbeknownst to them, this seemingly ordinary errand would soon lead to a series of unfortunate events.

An Innocent Conversation

Inside the store, the couple separated momentarily as they went about their individual tasks. It was during this time that a white Caucasian approached the husband and sought directions to a specific hotel. Oblivious to the hotel's whereabouts, the husband politely explained his lack of knowledge. The conversation then veered towards their respective origins, with the husband revealing he came from Taiwan, and the Caucasian disclosing his Australian background.

Their conversation continued, revolving around travel experiences and different currencies. At one point, the Caucasian showcased his wallet, revealing an assortment of currencies. Curiosity piqued, he asked the husband if one of the notes was Taiwan Dollar, the husband pulled out a 1000 Taiwan Dollar note and showed him. Without warning, the Caucasian swiftly extracted all the money from the husband's wallet. The bewildered husband watched in disbelief as the money was promptly returned and the husband quickly tucked his wallet back in his bag, the entire ordeal lasting a mere few seconds.

A Second Distraction

As the wife watches her husband to make sure that everything is alright, another foreigner approached them. This time, a brownish-skinned teenage boy nervously requested the wife's assistance in locating chicken salad. Engaging in polite conversation, the wife couldn't help but notice the boy's fixation on her wallet. After finding the salad, the boy inexplicably lingered, further raising the wife's suspicion.

Second Attempt

Returning to her husband's side, the wife voiced her concerns, remarking on the unusual coincidence of two foreigners approaching them simultaneously. Prompted by the wife's account, the Caucasian once again engaged with the couple, this time inquiring if the wife possessed a 500 Taiwan Dollar note. Her response of "no" prompted an immediate departure from the Caucasian.

The Aftermath

With the Caucasian's departure, another foreigner appeared, seeking their help. Aware of the possible scam, the couple wisely declined the request. However, the damage had already been done. Realizing their losses, the husband urgently checked his wallet and discovered the disappearance of 600 USD and 4000 Taiwan Dollars.

Searching for Answers

Desperate for assistance, the couple approached the store cashier, hoping to review the CCTV footage. To their dismay, the footage revealed that the Caucasian had positioned himself on the periphery, obscuring a clear view of the incident. The cashier explained that the situation was further complicated by both the Caucasian and the husband handling each other's wallets, making it challenging to discern ownership of the cash.

A Coordinated Scam

Upon reflection, the couple realized they had fallen victim to a well-coordinated scam. The Caucasian played the role of the trickster, engaging the husband in conversation while swiftly extracting money. Simultaneously, the boy acted as a distraction, keeping the wife occupied. A third accomplice, the staller, worked to divert the couple's attention, allowing the other two scammers to escape.

A Warning to Others

Moved by their unsettling encounter, the wife took to Instagram to share her story. In her post, she revealed that this scam tactic, though not new, had experienced a resurgence in popularity within Thailand. Urging others to stay vigilant and informed, she hoped to prevent fellow travelers from falling victim to similar schemes.

Source: Stories contributed by Instagram user @himekoyu

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