"You Live Life Like Mat Sallehs!" Local Actor & Wife Criticised For Flaunting Their ‘Open Relationship’



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"You Live Life Like Mat Sallehs!" Local Actor & Wife Criticised For Flaunting Their ‘Open Relationship’

By JustineG

When the husband was caught in a scandal, it turned out that the wife was involved in one as well. For this particular individual known only as Ms. Bunga the revelation was truly startling and baffling. "Their lifestyle is truly akin to that of the Westerners, isn't it?" she remarked.


According to Ms. Bunga, the male actor had been embroiled in numerous scandals in the past. Allegedly, he couldn't live without women in his life. Whenever he neglected his wife for a while, he quickly found himself entangled in various scandals. 


His good looks and status as an actor were his only assets, making him irresistible to flirtatious women, even though they knew he was someone else's husband. The wife, seemingly tired of her husband's womanizing ways, opted to follow suit. She coincidentally rekindled an old flame. Amid the confusion, the idea of reigniting love emerged.


What's baffling to some is that if there are no remaining feelings, why persist in the marital relationship and engage in sinful acts with their respective extramarital partners? 

"How long do they intend to deceive their children? Truly, they are remarkable."

Ms. Bunga hopes that both of them will come to acknowledge their misdeeds and that their hearts will be touched by God.

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