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The Best Elegant-Looking Perms For A More Sophisticated Look

MJC97   |   Sep 21, 2021, 13:20   |   159

People often feel intimidated when they think about perms. A curly hairstyle that so permanent seems like a challenge or like a scary prospect because of how people label curly hair as wild, unorganised, untidy, and worst of all, unprofessional. 

Most of the time women who are working don’t dare to let their curls be free at work and instead they tie their hair up in buns, braid, or ponytails to avoid looking messy and unprofessional at work. 

To be honest, that isn’t fair. We should normalise curly hair and stop associating it with negative labels. So, for you girls who love curly hair but are afraid to get a perm, here are some hairstyles that you can boldly wear to work:

1. Loose Wavy Perm


Loose wavy perms don’t start at the roots of your hair but instead start at halfway point. It is suitable for people with medium or long length hair, and it gives you a very soft and girly look. 

2. Beach Waves Perm


Beach waves are my favourite type of curls! It makes your hair look thick and gives it extra volume, so those with thin hair should definitely try it out. Beach waves give also give you a more casual but still elegant look. 

3. Curly perm


This is the kind of hairstyle that people will probably say look untidy but girl, you push your hair back, raise you chin and smile at them, because you will look like an absolute goddess with this perm! The curly perm is very popular among K-Pop stars and Chinese celebs as they frame your face perfectly. 

4. Loose S-Curl Perm


Just like the loose wavy perm, this hairstyle also starts at the halfway point of your hair instead of the roots. The best part about the S-curl perm is that it looks so natural people won’t even know you’ve got a perm!

5. Large Wavy S-Curl Perm


This perm is best suited for people with long hair as it has a better effect on longer hair as compared with medium or short because of the size of the curls. If you’re the kind of girl who loves bangs, then you should try pairing it with this perm, they are the perfect combination!

6. Japanese-style Airy Perm


This is another perm that looks so natural because of the ‘airy’ factor. However, this hairstyle too will look best of people with longer hair and also thick hair. It makes your hair look softer and lighter, so people who has thin hair definitely stay away from this kind of perm. 


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