Can You Truly Lose Weight By Drinking Lemon Water?



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Can You Truly Lose Weight By Drinking Lemon Water?

By DN21

Does drinking a few litres of lemon water a day, make the kilograms go away?  
The popular beverage isn't new to the fitness scene, considering it's become a fad for ages due to its so-called detox benefits that promote weight loss.

And although most experts would agree that there's no difference to that of plain water, having it infused with a kick of lemon flavour is actually OK- so long as it'll get you drinking more water. Remember, hydration is key as a frequent water intake not only helps you feeling full, but it even revvs up your metabolism.

Compared to a fizzy drink or juice, lemon water is undeniably better because it's low in calories. One evidence showed that drinking the latter can help you cut around 100-200 calories per day, should you decide to finally say goodbye to the sweet beverages from your life.

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