TW: 'Groom' Breaks Into Room, Performs Sexual Acts When Women Asleep



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TW: 'Groom' Breaks Into Room, Performs Sexual Acts When Women Asleep

1 Week ago
By GraceSundram

On May 20th, a group of female friends experienced a disturbing incident at an undisclosed accommodation in Taiwan. While staying in a ground-floor room, they were subjected to an invasion of privacy by an unknown man. The incident occurred in the early morning hours, with the man intruding into their room and engaging in indecent behaviour.

The victims described waking up to find the man leaning over their beds, standing shirtless and already having removed his pants, approximately five centimetres away from her face, engaged in a self-pleasuring act.

After being discovered, he quickly fled the scene, leaving the victims shocked and alarmed.

Surveillance footage identified the man as a guest staying in a nearby building. It was revealed that he had inspected multiple ground-floor rooms before choosing his target. His actions, such as removing his shirt and carefully avoiding leaving fingerprints, indicate a conscious state of mind despite claiming to have been drunk and having no memory of the incident.

The victims urge others to always check door locks and remain cautious when staying in accommodations or at home. They emphasize that no oversight or open area justifies someone intruding into their room and engaging in such inappropriate behaviour.

Despite the victim's prompt report to the police, the suspect claimed that he had an important commitment preventing him from immediately going to the police station for questioning.

However, the victims took matters into their own hands and managed to identify the suspect through online investigations. Shockingly, they discovered that the suspect's claimed "important commitment" was none other than his own wedding. It was revealed that he got married just a few hours after committing the crime.

This disturbing revelation adds another layer of disbelief and raises serious concerns about the suspect's character and disregard for the well-being of others. The victims hope that appropriate legal action will be taken to ensure justice is served in this shocking case.

This incident highlights the importance of safety and security measures in accommodations, urging both establishments and guests to remain vigilant.

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